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What information do I need to create a sponsorship program?

Want to create a sponsorship program for your organization? Please look over the this list to see what you need to get started!

Sponsorship Program Title

Sponsorship Program URL

Sponsorship Program Reference

Call to Action - 60 characters or less to pull others heartstrings

Description - the vision for your sponsorship program

Sponsorship Branding 

  • 1 300 x 300 avatar image
  • 1 1600 x 900 cover image

Sponsorship Model choice

  • One to One - one donor to sponsor for a monthly recurring donation
  • Multiple Sponsors - multiple donors sponsoring the same individual for 2x to 99x
  • Crowd Funding - unlimited number of sponsors to meet a monthly recurring need based on what they can afford

Donation Amount per Sponsor

  • Choice to expose credit card fees to sponsor

A Story about your Sponsorship

  • can include text, images, and video


You will need the following information for each individual sponsorship:

Sponsorship Name

Date of Birth




Picture - 300 x 300

** Plus any additional field you would like to add. 






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