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Grants Reconciliation Report

The Grants Reconciliation Report gives you visibility into each transaction that has processed through Pure Charity and its associated grant.


To access the Grants Reconciliation Report, find it at the bottom of the menu on the left-hand side of your Field Partner dashboard. Filter by date range, then download the CSV.

The first column, the Grant Request Reference, identifies the unique grant request, or the line-item that the total grant request was comprised of. The Request Date identifies the date the grant was requested.

The Actor Reference is the unique short code of the fundraiser or sponsorship program the donation was originally made to. The Slug identifies the URL of the fundraiser or sponsorship program, which is findable by appending it to the end of purecharity.com/. The Actor Name identifies the name of the fundraiser or the sponsorship program.

The Donor Name and Donor Reference identify the donor's name and their unique Pure Charity reference id. Donation Date identifies the date of the donation—as opposed to the granted out date mentioned above—and the Donation Amount and Granted Amount distinguish between the amount donated and the amount that has since been granted. If these numbers do not match, it is because the donation has not yet been fully granted. If they match, all funds associated with the donation have been granted.

If you have any questions about using this report, please contact your Account Manager.

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