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Ending an Active Fundraiser

So you've previously created a fundraiser and it's now time for that fundraiser to come to an end.  If your fundraiser 'end date' has passed then your fundraiser was automatically ended for you; however, if your fundraiser 'end date' is set for the future and you want to ensure that future donations are not made to your account, then you will need to manually end your fundraiser by following the steps below.  

Step 1:  Go to https://purecharity.com/ and SIGN IN to your Pure Charity account
Step 2:  From your user dashboard, select "View All" under Managed Field Partners and select the proper organization.  This will direct you to your Field Partner Dashboard.
Step 3:  From your Field Partner Dashboard, select "Fundraisers" on the left-hand menu, then select the specific fundraiser you would like to end.  This will direct you to your fundraiser dashboard.  
Step 4:  From your fundraiser dashboard, select "Profile" in the left-hand menu.  This will direct you to the page 'Edit Basic Information'.


Step 5:  From the 'Edit Basic Information' screen, scroll down until you see "Fundraiser Status" on the left hand side.  Select "Change Fundraiser Status".  

Step 6:  Click the drop-down arrow and select "End Fundraiser Now", then select "Update Fundraiser Status".


Your know your fundraiser has been ended if you see "Fundraiser is now ended" at the top of your screen.  You can no longer receive donations at this point, but you can still view reports such a 'Donors' or 'Gift by Date' by simply clicking on "Dashboard" and being redirected to your fundraiser dashboard.


If you have multiple fundraisers to end, then you will want to complete these steps for each one of them.  

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