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Plan Management: Add a Package

So you're a nonprofit organization and you need to add a package to your account.  Follow these simple steps:  


Step 1:  Login to your Field Partner Dashboard, then select 'Billing' on the left-hand menu. 

Step 2:  Your Billing and Plan Management screen will appear.  Scroll down to review and select the package(s) that fits your organization best.  Once you're ready to proceed review the total, then select 'Update Your Plan'.  

Step 3:  A confirmation screen will appear stating 'Your Premium Package has been submitted' and summarizing your selections.  You can select 'Check Progress' to be automatically redirected to the Billing and Plan Management screen.

Step 4:  If your package IS NOT yet finalized, then it will appear with a yellow message indicator (see below).  You can reach out to your account manager for further instructions. 


Once your package IS finalized, then it will appear with a green 'ACTIVE' message.  

If you have any additional questions please feel free to reach out to your account manager directly.  


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