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Plan Management: Add Credit Card

So you're a nonprofit organization and you need to add the credit card that is charged for your selected plan(s).  Follow these simple steps:  




Step 1:  Go to https://purecharity.com/ and SIGN IN to your Pure Charity account.  

Step 2:  Select 'Managed Field Partners' to be directed to your Field Partner Dashboard.

Step 3:  From your Field Partner Dashboard, select 'Billing' on the left-hand menu and your Billing and Plan Management screen will appear.  Select 'Add new payment'. 

Step 4:  Your Monthly Subscription screen will appear.  Enter the credit card that you would like to use to pay for your selected plan(s).  Once you've entered all information select 'Submit'.  You will be asked to verify that you want this to be the default payment source for any future recurring charges.  Select 'OK'.  

Step 5:  You will be automatically redirected to your Billing and Plan Management screen.  Confirm that your card saved correctly.


If you have any additional questions please feel free to reach out to your account manager directly or email account.management@purecharity.com.  

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