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How To Delete A Pending Fundraiser From Your Dashboard

Looking to clean up your fundraising dashboard? You can easily do this by deleting old pending fundraisers. Pending fundraisers are created when users start to build a fundraiser but abandon it in the process. They can also be fundraisers that are meant to be created, but not yet published. We suggest before deleting a fundraiser, check the date to be sure its old and not in use. Fundraisers cannot be deleted if they have received any funding.

Follow the steps below to learn how.

Step One: Starting from your nonprofit dashboard, click Fundraisers.  


Step Two: Scroll to your Pending or Active fundraisers and select an unused fundraiser. 


Step Three: Click View Fundraiser at the bottom of the fundraiser dashboard menu.


Step Four: Select DISCARD located in the yellow bar.


The fundraiser is now deleted. To go back to your field partner dashboard, hover over the circle Avatar in the right hand corner and click your Field Partner name.


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