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How Do I Update My Card For My Giving Circle Donation?

Donating is made simple when you have a credit/debit card saved to your personal account. We work with a third-party site to make sure our site is SUPER secure. Go ahead and add or edit a card to make giving easy!

Step 1:  Go to https://purecharity.com/ and SIGN IN to your Pure Charity account

Step 2: From your user dashboard, click 'Payment Sources' in the left-hand menu.  From here you can edit the expiration date on an existing card or register a new card.

Step 3a: Edit the expiration date on an existing card.  To edit an existing card simply select 'Edit' next to the card you want to edit, then update the expiration date and reenter the security code.  Be sure to select  for the new information to be saved.  

Step 3b:  Register a new card.  To register a new card simply select 'Register a new card', then enter the new card information.  Don't forget to check  to ensure this is the card that will be charged going forward.  Also, be sure to select  for the new information to be saved.  


>>>Your card is updated, but now it's time to resume your donation(s).  


Step 4: Resume your donation(s) if they have failed

          a.  Select 'Donations' in the left-hand menu

          b.  Select 'Giving Circle Contributions' in the horizontal menu

          c.  Select 'Resume' next to the contribution you want to edit



Your giving circle contribution should now be updated! If you have any questions, please contact our support team at help@purecharity.com.  


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