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How Do I Update My Card For My Giving Circle Donation?

Donating is made simple when you have a credit/debit card stored on your personal account. We work with a third-party site to make sure our site is SUPER secure. Go ahead and add or edit a card to make giving easy!

Step 1: Login to Pure Charity Account.

Step 2: From your dashboard, click Payment Sources

Step 3: Click Register a New Card 

Step 4: Complete the form and check the 'Yes, make this my primary card' box to ensure this is the card that will be charged and save your information.

Step 5: Click Donations.

Step 6: Click "Giving Circle Contributions." Then there should be a 'resume' button where the arrow is pointing if your card is errored.



Your giving circle contribution should now be updated! If you have any questions, please contact help@purecharity.com


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