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How To Cancel Your Donor's Recurring Donation

As an admin of your organization, you have the ability to cancel an individual donor's recurring donation for them. However, once this is canceled, you will not be able to undo it. So be sure to use this tool carefully! 

PLEASE NOTE:  If you're wanting to cancel all credit card donors tied to a specific fundraiser then you can simply end the fundraiser.  That will automatically cancel all recurring donations tied to that fundraiser.  

To cancel a donor's recurring donation(s), please follow these steps:

Step 1:  Go to https://purecharity.com/ and SIGN IN to your Pure Charity account
Step 2:  From your user dashboard, select "View All" under Managed Field Partners and select the proper organization.  This will direct you to your Field Partner Dashboard.
Step 3:  From your Field Partner Dashboard, select "Online Recurring" in the left-menu and then search for the specific donor's name or email address.
Step 4:  Once you have identified the specific donor, then select "Cancel Recurring" on the right-hand side.  Confirm cancellation by selection "OK".  The donor's donation is now canceled.  


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