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How do I make my fundraiser private?

Pure Charity allows a fundraiser organizer to use privacy features if needed. This will allow the user to still fundraiser; however, their page will not show up on any public search features. To access a private fundraiser, you must have the unique URL shared by the fundraiser organizer. 

Step One: To make your fundraiser private, log into your account and begin at your fundraising page. Next click "edit fundraiser" on the gear icon in the top right corner.


Step Two: Click the privacy settings on the lefthand side of the page.


Step Three: Check the box that says "make my fundraiser private" and then click "save changes".


Once you go to your fundraiser page after saving the changes, you will see a yellow bar at the top of the page that says "this is a private fundraiser". This will let you know that your changes were saved. To share your fundraiser, please copy your unique URL at the top of the page.

Need additional help? Contact your account lead or help@purecharity.com.




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