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How to resume a recurring donation?

Recurring Donations are made simple when you have a credit/debit card stored on your personal account. We work with a third-party site to make sure our site is SUPER secure. Manage your card & resume your donation to have giving updated today! To resume a donation for a for a card that has already been updated, please follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Login to Pure Charity Account.

Step 2: Click Donations.


Step 3: Click Recurring Credit Card Donations.

Step 4: Click "Resume" to restart your donation. As soon as your hit Resume, your card will be charged that day. 

Helpful Tips to Ensure Your Donation is Resumed:

  1. Make sure you click Save to keep all changes.
  2. The card marked PRIMARY is the card used for recurring donations. To make your card primary, be sure to check the box shown below
  3. If you would like to change the date your card is charged in the future, hit the EDIT button on the recurring donations page.
  4. Want to delete a card? Click Edit and then Delete this Card on the Payment Sources page.


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