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How does my organization receive the funds raised?

To learn how to request a grant for your organization, check out this article!

Ready for your funds to be sent to your organization? We are happy to send them your way!

First option, our normal granting procedure is to mail a check, weekly on Thursday.  

A second option for grants is to do so by ACH.  

ACH Process:

*  Confirmation of the bank account normally takes 4 - 5 business days.

*  The first step is to set up a $1.00 debit to your account will be scheduled.

*  Upon confirmation of the debit, Pure Charity will initiate the $1.00 credit and then we are ready. 

Additional info:

*  Minimum ACH disbursement $1,000.00

*  Grants are processed by check each Thursday - a check will be mailed if the minimum is not reached by Thursday.

*  Check cut-off time is 12 noon each Thursday

*  ACH requests received after 12 noon daily will be processed the next business day.

*  ACH credits are effective 2 business days after the grant is requested; i.e., Monday = Wednesday, Thursday = Monday, etc.


In conjunction with ACH disbursements, Pure Charity also offers Auto Grant Requests; which means any time funds are available for granting, a request is made & sent to me.  As soon as the $1,000.00 minimum is reached, an ACH is initiated.  With this, you will no longer request funds manually - all is automated.  And, as noted above, anytime the minimum is not reached by Thursday of that week a check will be issued and mailed.  Our desire is to get your funds to you as quickly as possible.


If you would like to set up an ACH for your organization, please email accounting@purecharity.com to request the authorization form.

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