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How Do I Update The Branding On My Fundraiser?

Looking to make your fundraiser personal by adding or updating branding pictures? You are in the right spot! First, let's look at the different types of images we use on a fundraiser. We have an avatar image, a cover image and a widget image.


These pictures can be uploaded right from your computer! To make sure your images look their best, use our sizing suggestions for each image listed below.

Avatar Image - 300 x 300
Cover Image - 940 x 315
Widget Image - 224 X 125

Now, we are ready to upload photos! 

1. Login to your Pure Charity account by going to www.PureCharity.com.

2. Go to your Fundraiser by clicking the Fundraiser tab. Next, click the Edit Pencil.

3. Click Edit Branding on the left. Last, upload your pictures and go check out how great they look on your fundraiser page! 

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