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How To: Edit Fundraiser Story

Want to personalize your "About this Fundraiser" to tell your fundraising story better? We love that idea! Fundraiser personalization is a great way to connect with people and let them know exactly why you are fundraising and how they can be apart of it. Follow the directions below to learn how!

Step 1: Starting from your Fundraiser, click the gear icon and select “Edit Fundraiser.”

Step 2: In the “Your Fundraiser’s Story” section, this is where you will tell your personalized story! As you can see, we have already provided you a sample text for you.  Use what we have written, parts of it, or scrap the whole thing! Just don't forget to Save your changes (twice!) at the bottom of the page!

Want to personalize your story even more! Learn how to add pictures to your story!

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