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How To Withdraw A Trip Participant

If a trip participant needs to withdraw from a trip, as a trip and nonprofit admin you are able to withdraw their registration. In order to do this, there are two steps: 

First: You will need to suspend or delete the fundraiser. Note: Fundraisers cannot be deleted if they have funds in them. In this case, you will have to suspend. If they do not have funds, you are able to delete. (Pure Charity cannot refund any deposits without approval from Field Partner and special case scenarios).

Second: You will need to delete the registration from your list of trip participants.

Follow the step by step instructions below to learn how. You will need to start from the correct trip dashboard.

Step One: First we will need to suspend the participant's fundraiser. To do so, scroll down to the correct trip participant and click Fundraiser.


Step Two: Click the gray Gear Icon. Next, click Edit Fundraiser. 


Step Three: Click Suspend Fundraiser located on the bottom left. Once this is done, the fundraiser will no longer be able to accept donations. Note: You can also delete a fundraiser ONLY if it has not received any donations. REMEMBER, this is permanent and cannot be undone.


Step Four: Now that the fundraiser is suspended, you will need to withdraw the participant. To do this, go back to the trip's dashboard and scroll down till you see the participants name. Next, click the "X", and then Withdraw Participant.


Step Five: If you are certain you want to withdraw the participant, click Withdraw Participant.



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