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How to Submit Expenses, Receipts & the Expense Certification Form for Help Portrait?

Event directors in the United States are eligible to get reimbursed for expenses directly related to their Help-Portrait event(s). In order to qualify, each expense must be submitted with a receipt. Expenses submitted without a receipt will not be eligible for reimbursement.

Please note that as an Event Director, you are accepting responsibility that all donations and expenses are directly related to your event.

To submit an expense on Pure Charity, please follow the directions below.

Step One: First, login to your Pure Charity account at purecharity.com.

Step Two: Go to your Fundraiser page and click the gray Gear Icon. Next click, dashboard.


Step Three: On the Dashboard page, scroll to the Expense section at the bottom and click on the + Add Expense button.


Next, enter the Amount and Description for your expense.

Add the receipt by selecting the “Upload a file” link.

Select the file and then press “Save 

    • Add as many expenses as you have receipts for.

Step Four: Once all expenses have been uploaded, download this Expense Certification form (PDF), sign and upload to the Expense Section (this is the last step).

    1. Print this form
    2. Fill out, sign and upload the document following the instructions above
    3. Save
    4. Your Expense Certification upload should look like this:


All done!

When will I be reimbursed?

The Event Director must submit ALL invoices within two weeks of the event to their portal on Pure Charity. Checks will be mailed to the Event Director on the 15th and the last day of each month depending on when expenses are uploaded to Pure Charity.


The Reimbursement Process Defined

    • Event directors will setup their fundraising page on the Pure Charity site. Once approved, they will be able to fundraise for their local event.
    • All expenses for the event must be paid for upfront. We can only provide reimbursement for receipted expenses.
    • Remember that Pure Charity retains 5% of funds raised to help cover their administrative and processing fees. We recommend that you gross up your required funds to compensate for their portion. 
  • Why 5%? Help-Portrait has partnered with Pure Charity to provide this option for our US-based events. Without their help, fundraising wouldn’t be possible.
  • Expenses and the Expense Certification form must be submitted within two (2) weeks of your event date. For legal reasons, we cannot reimburse expenses to an Event Director without the certification form.  
  • Purchases may be dated up to 3 days AFTER the date of your HELP-PORTRAIT® event to receive reimbursement.
  • All checks will be made out to the Event Director and sent to Event Director’s contact address.

By submitting the receipts, you are agreeing that you as the Event Director have certified that all materials were used or consumed at the HELP-PORTRAIT® event.


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