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Registering Your Event for Help Portrait

Once you have registered your event on the HELP-PORTRAIT® Community Site, the Director of your event may fill out a request for a PURE CHARITY - HELP-PORTRAIT® Fundraiser by completing the following steps:

  1. Go to https://purecharity.com/helpportrait/
  2. Click on “Create Fundraiser”
  3. Choose “HELP-PORTRAIT® Location” template. (Note: on this step, you may first need to create an account under your Event Director name and email.)
  4. Fill in the form fields for your event:
      1. Choose your charitable organization: Select “Help-Portrait”
      2. Category: “Opportunity”
      3. Impact: Add the number of people you are planning to reach at your event
      4. Region – North America (HP will only approve Pure Charity donations for US based events)
      5. City: Add your city/state or zip code
      6. Funding Goal – “one time”
      7. Funding Goal – whatever you need for your event
      8. Press “Continue”
  5. Fill in the “Fundraiser Information” Section
      1. Fundraiser Name - “Help-Portrait {city, state}”
      2. Fundraiser URL - customize the url, if needed. This will be the URL you use to fundraise.
      3. Choose an End Date - We recommend 1 week post-event.
      4. Fundraiser Organizer - Your name
  6. Optional ID Fields
      1. Campaign ID - Disregard
      2. Appeal ID - Disregard
      3. Trip/Fund ID - Disregard
  7. Your Fundraiser’s Story
      1. We provide the general HP story for you to customize for your location. Feel free to modify.
      2. Critical: You must provide an active link to your HP planning website page.
        1. This is the only way we can verify the validity of your event and intentions. This is a fiscal requirement and one that we cannot disregard.
        2. If a link isn’t provided, your fund will be declined.
        3. Links to personal websites, facebook pages, etc will not be approved.
        4. We recommend planning on meetup.com, facebook events, or other like platforms. If you have a website that you’ve created just for this purpose, use that here.
  8. Fundraising Guidelines
    1. 5% Fee - We have partnered with Pure Charity to provide the ability for you to be able to fundraise for US-based HP events. Without their help, this wouldn’t be possible with our limited staff and budgets. Unfortunately, there’s no way around the 5% fee.
      1. Accept the PC Terms & Conditions

    9.  Click “Start My Fundraiser

      1. Take a moment to review the Guidelines and Considerations for Use HELP-PORTRAIT® Pure Charity fundraising site here: https://purecharity.com/help-portrait-legal-faq/
      2. Wait for your fundraiser approval confirmation email.
        1. Please allow 2-3 days for processing.

      Once you have been approved, your admin panel will have the link to your event page which will be created in the following URL format: https://purechairity.com/{fundraiserurl} This is the URL you choose when setting up your fund.

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