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How Do I Add A Reservation?

A reservation is an external pledge to a sponsorship program that is processed outside of Pure Charity. Reservations can be helpful to keep all of your sponsorship donor information in one spot, even if they are not using Pure Charity to donate. 

To begin, follow the instructions below.

Step One: Starting from your organizations dashboard, click Sponsorships. Next click the correct program.


STEP TWO: Locate the sponsorship you want to add the reservation to and click the gray Gear Icon. Next Click Add Reservation.


STEP TWO: On the this page, fill out the information of the donor you are wanting to reserve. Click Save. NOTE: Only the name will show on public pages of Pure Charity (unless chosen to be anonymous). All other fields are there to help keep all of your donor information in one place.


STEP THREE: Your new reservation is now added.


To learn how to delete a reservation, click here.

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