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Donor Communication Template for Onboarding

When switching over your donations to Pure Charity, we want to make sure that your donors are aware of the changes that are happening within your organization. To prepare your donors, we will work with your organization to create a pre-launch communication workflow detailing the transition and donation changes that donors will need to be made aware of. This step is CRUCIAL in creating a successful transition.

Below is a sample text that you can send to donors about the transition:


Dear (Name),

We want to thank you for all of your support of ____________.  We know that we could not do our work without you!  Because we appreciate your donations, we want to make sure that you are aware of a change that is happening with ____________.  

We are changing our online giving service to a company called Pure Charity that is helping organizations like ____________ raise funds to change the world.  Pure Charity is currently serving hundreds of nonprofit organizations across the country, making it easier for us to focus on the part of the work we are passionate about.  By moving from our existing system, ____________ will function more efficiently and cost effectively.  

What this means for you:

  • New donation page:  We have a brand new donation page up at ____________. We encourage you to share this new easy to use donation page with your friends on social media!

  • Individual Account access: As donors you will now be able to download giving statements at the end of each month; you will be able to log into your account and edit draft days or credit cards; and you will also have the flexibility to donate via ACH if you prefer.

  • New name on your credit/debit card statements. Effective ____________ your donations will now be recorded in your bank statements as ____________. End of year statements will be emailed to you at the end of the year as usual, but monthly statements can also be downloaded at the end of each month if you'd like.

Thank you very much for your continued support of ____________. Your generosity helps us ____________ . We look forward to continuing to work together to ____________.


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