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What information do I need to know before starting a fundraiser?

Want to create a fundraiser? Please look over the this list to see what you need to get started!

Know your charitable organization you will be fundraising with. This is the organization that all funds will be sent to, and must be a 501c3 organization.

Choose a cause category for your fundraiser:  Water, Food, Freedom, Health, Opportunity or Relief

How many lives will be impacted with this fundraiser?

In what region will these lives be impacted?

In what city or country will these lives be impacted?

What type of funding goal do you have? One Time, Recurring or both goals?

What is your one time funding goal?

Do you want your funding to be private or public?

What do you want your Fundraiser Name to be? (Must be less than 60 characters)

What do you want your Fundraiser URL to be?

Choose an end date for your fundraiser

OPTIONAL ID Fields - Campaign ID, Apeal ID, Trip/Fund ID. used to help you with organization if you are a nonprofit organization.

Write up a fundraising story so others can connect to you and your fundraiser.

Once your fundraiser is complete, you will also want to have 2-3 photos ready to be used for your fundraiser branding. You can learn more about branding by reading this article.


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