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How Do I Login To My Nonprofit's Account?

Step 1: 

Login to Pure Charity with your personal email address and password. If you have access to your nonprofit's account in Pure Charity, you should have already created a user account in our system. This is the email you will use to login with. (https://purecharity.com/signin)

After you login you will land on your personal Dashboard. This Dashboard is designed to help you access your personal statements, payment sources, campaigns, or nonprofit account. 

Step 2: 

Hover your mouse over your avatar in the top right corner and a dropdown menu will appear. Click "Field Partners You Manage" (Field Partners is what we call verified nonprofit partners in our system)


Step 3: 

The Field Partners that you have admin access to will be listed on the next screen. Click the name of the nonprofit you are want to access and you will be taken to the back admin Dashboard of that Field Partner. 


Please Note: If you do not have nonprofits listed under Step 3 you have not been added as an admin for that account, or you have not accepted your admin invite. 

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