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What information do I need to create my Field Partner account?

Want to register your nonprofit as a Field Partner on Pure Charity? Look to the list below to see what you need before getting started!

Organization Name

Vanity URL - this is the URL you want to use to go to your page

Organization Email - use an email for contact

Founding Year

Phone Number 


E.I.N. (employee identification number)

Organization Links (if your organization does not have all of these links, that is okay!)

   - Website Link

   - Facebook Link

   - Twitter Link

   - Instagram Link

   - Charity Navigator Link

Mailing Address - this should be the address where you receive mail.


You must also be registered as a nonprofit on Guidestar.org before we can verify your organization. It is quick, easy and free to register!


Click here to get started on your Nonprofit Account. 



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