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How do I claim a Pure Charity account for imported users?

Claiming the account is as simple as resetting the password for the email provided by the organization.

1) Visit h​ttp://purecharity.com/forgot_password,​enter that email, and reset. 2) Check your email and follow the instructions in the Reset Password email. 3) Once completed you will be logged into your Pure Charity account.

What if the email is not found?

Contact our help team h​ttps://purecharity.com/contact/​to get connected. ​Y​our organization or your Nonprofit may have misspelled the email or provided a different email for you. We’ll make sure your account is claimed using the email you prefer.

What if I am already a Pure Charity user?

There is no need to go through the claim process. Log in to your account as normal.

What if I share an email with someone who is already a Pure Charity user?

All user accounts are set up for individuals with an email that can only be used once. If you share an email contact our help team h​ttps://purecharity.com/contact/​to discuss claiming your account and setting up a workaround to allow your own individual account.

I did not receive the forgot password email.

C​ontact us h​ttps://purecharity.com/contact/​to resend the request or to get your account claimed directly.

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