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What are Direct Donations and Donation Categories?

When Pure Charity was first founded, we had a project-based model that allowed donors to ONLY give to specific projects and fundraisers that were set up. Now, Pure Charity can accept 100% of your donations! We can take donations through our website OR from YOUR website. We can accept electronic and physical donations.

By clicking “Donate” on your landing page, and individual can now donate to a “general fund” for your nonprofit rather than to a specific fundraiser. Pure Charity still handles all of the administrative functions like sending donation receipts and creating year end statements, and you also still have complete access to donor data!

Or, you can create “Donation Categories” to receive donations with a specific designation. To set up your categories,

  1. Go to your Field Partner Dashboard
  2. Click “Donation Categories” in the far left menu
  3. Set up the name of the category, a short description, tracking ID, and a URL for the individual to be redirected to after donating!

We can also facilitate donations that are made on YOUR website. Simply embed the code and add it to your website, OR copy the link for the button and add it to your own customized link, button, or picture on your website! This will allow Pure Charity to handle the donation management, but allow your donors to say in your own branded web environment!

If you have any questions or if you need any help, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d be more than happy to help.

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