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How can I thank my donors through a Pure Charity Update?

We always encourage thank you's to donor's who give generously to our fundraiser organizers! We provide an easy way to thank all of your donors by sending a Fundraiser Update. An Update works just like an email - type your message in the Content Field and push send. It is now sent to all of your donors! Quick and easy! 

A few things to remember:

1. It does go out to ALL of your donors, so it is best to send a general email and not personalize to one donor.
2. Make sure all of your text is correct before you push send. Once you push send, you cannot edit any text.

Ready to send an update? Go to your Fundraiser page and then click Update. Hannah%20King's%20fundraiser%20for%20PC%20Haiti%20Trip%20Updates%20%E2%80%94%20Pure%20Charity

Want to send thank-you's the old fashion way? We love that too! Use the template below to send to your organization authorizing consent to your donors information. Feel free to CC our help desk, help@purecharity.com, on the email so they have our information as well!

Dear (Organization),

Pure Charity requests that you send an email of consent allowing me access to my donor's information for my fundraiser: (fundraiser URL). By giving content, your allowing me access to donors names, email address, donation amounts and physical address. Please send an email to help@purecharity.com authorizing this request.

Thank you!
(Your Name)

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