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Can I integrate our Sponsorship Program into our website?

Yes! We can integrate our Sponsorship Management tools into your website with our unique Wordpress plugins. (Don't worry if you do not use Wordpress. We have cool embeds for other sites, as well!) 

The Pure Charity Plugin collection allows you to use Pure Charity’s Fundraising, Sponsorship, Trip, General Donations, and Giving Circle application features in your WordPress site. It is fully flexible and customizable pulling our features outside the app and into your site.

To learn more, visit our Sponsorship Management page and our Wordpress & Salesforce page to request a demo. 

To inquire about using Pure Charity plugins in your Wordpress site, please contact your Account Lead or help@purecharity.com

To view examples of Pure Charity plugins on an organization's website, please browse the websites below.





Not using Wordpress? Contact your Account Lead or help@purecharity.com to learn more about our Full Page Embeds.

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