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What information do I need to create a trip?

Want to create a trip for your organization? Please look over the this list to see what you need to get started!

Trip Name
Trip URL
Country or City
When will trip start / end
Trip ID (if used)
Do you want the registration to be open, hidden, or closed

  • Open - Public viewing of trip on Pure Charity site and available registration

  • Closed - Public viewing of trip on Pure Charity site, but can only register through URL given by organization

  • Hidden - Cannot view trip on Pure Charity and can only register through URL given by organization

Trip Categories (if used)
Trip Tags (if used)
An Avatar for the trip image (300x300px)
Cover Image for the trip (1600x900px)
Short Description 
About the event (and any images & videos)
Registration Types

  • Registration Name

  • Quantity

  • Price

  • Registration type description 

  • How long will the registration be open (date it opens and date it closes)

  • Do you want the service fee included in the cost of registration? 

  • Do you want to display the number of registrations remaining?

  • What cause category is this trip?

  • How many lives will be impacted?

  • Can participants register without full payment?

  • If yes, do you require a deposit? And how much?

  • Do you want to set trip guarantees? 

  • If yes, what are the funding milestones? (How much (%), by what date?

Trip Requirements

  • Available forms: Business Affiliation Form, Church Affiliation Form, Emergency Contact Form, Family Information Form, Medical Information Form, Passport Form, Personal Information Form, Personal Testimony Form, Skills Form

  • Any other requirements and forms/applications that you require participants to fill out. 

A terms and conditions page link (optional)

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