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How do I create a trip?


Learn how to create a trip and invite others to sign-up and join you on the mission!

  • Customize a trip to meet your specific requirements for registration.
  • Manage requirements for the trip such as emergency contact forms, copies of participants’ passports, and any other organizational form you might need!
  • Create Trip Guarantees to keep your trip participants on track with fundraising milestones and payment fees.
  • Enable trip members to start their own trip fundraisers with the click of a button!


Step 1.  Click "Create Trip" from the top right of the Field Partner dashboard. The Pure Charity trip wizard will walk you through the steps. To learn more about what information you will need to create a trip or understand how the data in certain fields are used, please continue reading. 

Step 2.  Enter the trip information. 

  • Trip Name
  • Trip URL  (will be auto generated from trip name, but it is an editable field)
  • Region (continent the trip will take place on)
  • Country or City
  • When will the trip start/end
  • Trip ID (required - will auto populate as the first part of a fundraiser ID)
  • Do you want the registration to be open, hidden, or closed
    • Open - Public viewing of trip on Pure Charity site and available registration
    • Closed - Public viewing of trip on Pure Charity site, but can only register through URL given by organization
    • Hidden - Cannot view trip on Pure Charity and can only register through URL given by organization
  • Trip Categories (Categories are not required, but if used categories are a tool for sorting published trips. These must be created on the Field Partner trip prior to trip creation.)
  • Trip Tags (Tags are not required, but if used tags are a tool for sorting published trips.  These must be created on the Field Partner trip prior to trip creation.)
  • An Avatar for the trip image (300x300px)  When Custom Branding is not used at the Field Partner level, Avatars display on trip registration screens.
  • Cover Image for the trip (1600x900px)
  • Short Description -  250 character description of the trip
  • About the trip (and any images & videos) - no character limitation in this field

Step 3.  Create registrations.

  • Registration Types - used to differentiate different ticket types for the trip (for example: adult or child ticket type)

  • Registration Name (publicly displaying they type of ticket, for example: early bird or general registration)

  • Quantity (how many of this registration type are available for this trip)

  • Price (of this registration type) 
  • Registration type description (early bird or general etc.)

  • How long will the registration be open (date it opens and date it closes -- the time period in which people can register for this ticket type)

  • Do you want the service fee included in the cost of registration? (marking this check box will mean that the participant will see the cost of the trip and the 5% fee for using Pure Charity as two separate line items to the total price they are being asked to pay or fundraise for)

  • Do you want to display the number of registrations remaining? (how many of this ticket type are still available)

  • What cause category is this trip? (required)

  • How many lives will be impacted? (how many are you serving during this trip or how many will be impacted as a result of the trip)

  • Can participants register without full payment? (will you allow fundraising or making payments after registration)

  • If yes, do you require a deposit? And how much? (if yes the deposit will be required to complete the registration and must be paid by credit card) 

  • Do you want to set payment guarantees? (please see article on payment guarantees to understand if your organization would like to include them)

  • If yes, what are the funding milestones? (How much (%), by what date?)

Step 4.  Trip Requirements / Forms - this is requesting the required information a trip participant will be asked to give if they are going to participate on a trip with your organization. Pure Charity offers a list of generic or "Standard Forms"  for your use.  You also have the ability to require information on "Custom Forms" that is more specific and defined by your organization. To include a custom form you will need to build a "Dynamic form" from the Field Partner dashboard.

  • Available Standard Forms: Business Affiliation Form, Church Affiliation Form, Emergency Contact Form, Family Information Form, Medical Information Form, Passport Form, Personal Information Form, Personal Testimony Form, Skills Form

  • Any other requirements and forms/applications that you require participants to fill out can be up uploaded as a PDF or made available via a link in the requirements section. 

A terms and conditions page link (optional).



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