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Want to learn the Pure Charity Lingo? Read our glossary below to find out all that we are talking about!

Advocate: An individual or organization that signed up with Pure Charity because of a link you shared with them.

​Avatar:  The small picture or icon representing an individual, organization, event, or fundraiser. These can be uploaded under the “branding section” in the edit area

Backers:  Individuals or organizations that have financially donated to a fundraiser. This group will receive any updates you post to the fundraiser.

Dashboard: The screen that you see once you sign into Pure Charity.  It acts as your Homepage and is much like your News Feed on Facebook or Homepage on Twitter.  You can see the activity of your advocates, projects you have backed, or individuals/organizations you are following.  From any page, you can get back there by clicking the “Dashboard” button at the top navigation.

Discover:  The area where an individual can search for a specific fundraiser by name. Use the “Advanced Search” to narrow down your results.

Event:  “Events” is where you can find any trip you may be attending or created. You can use the events section for things like trainings, fundraising events, and conferences as well as trips.  From your Dashboard, you will see a middle navigation bar in gray.  The “Events” tab will list all event’s you are attending and all events you are leading will show up under “your events.” The name of the event is clickable and will take you to your registration if it is under “Events you are attending” or it will take you to the event dashboard under “your events.” The pencil icon will take you to the edit page for that event.

Field Partner:  The organization that has been approved by Pure Charity to post fundraisers and accept funds.  

Follow:  By clicking this button, it will give you updates on the person, fundraiser or organization you decided to follow. It has similar functionality as “like” on Facebook.  

Followers:  Those individuals or organizations that have clicked to “Follow” your activity.

Fundraiser:  A designated page for an individual to raise funds for a trip, missions, adoptions and more! You can access all of your fundraisers from the dashboard on the middle navigation tab called “Fundraisers.” You will see “Your Fundraisers” and “Backed Fundraisers,” meaning ones that you have donated to.

Fundraiser Dashboard:  This is the area to manage activity for a fundraiser. You can see gift detail by donor under “Donations.” You can also see giving over time with the “Funds Raised” tool.

Gear Icon:  The gear icon that looks like a wheel on any fundraiser or page that you can make changes to or navigate from.  This is located on any page you have admin rights on, and is typically located on the right side beside Follow.  Clicking on it will bring up a menu of options.

Giving Fund:  It’s like a personal charity savings account.  Every Pure Charity User automatically gets a personal giving fund and is only visible to the individual, just like any other checking or savings account.  You can load money directly into your Giving Fund from your personal debit or credit card. 100% of your donation becomes available for you to grant to projects or fundraisers of your choice and all funds are immediately tax deductible.  When you shop through Pure Charity’s Rewards Network, a percentage of those purchases go right into your Giving Fund. Your Giving Fund is located located on the right side of your Dashboard page.

Supporting Fundraiser: A Supporting Fundraiser is a way for others to help raise money for other organization's or friend's fundraisers. A user can create a supporting fundraiser by going to the selected fundraising page and then select Create A Supporting Fundraiser. All of the money raised in a supporting fundraiser is reflected in the original - or what we call - Parent Fundraiser.

Updates:  A tool to communicate to those who are following or backing a fundraiser or anyone participating in an event or following an event. The Update you write will be sent out to everyone just like an email - so once it is sent, you cannot edit it.

Widget:  An application that can be embedded into third party sites, such as a webpage or blog. All fundraisers and trips have a widget that is automatically generated. It is located on the right side of the page near the bottom.


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