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Why should I use Pure Charity verse other charitable websites?

Pure Charity members experience a fun and engaging way to make an impact that’s not just simple, but brings all your charitable activity to one easy-to-use interface. The platform allows you to make the most of available funding and create new funding streams where you can support projects from around the world and receive feedback assuring you are actually making an impact. You can also contribute directly and give over time to the various projects you support, and Pure Charity offers numerous advocacy tools that you can use to encourage others to participate. 

Every time an account is created from your direct or indirect efforts you also receive funding on qualifying transactions (see Viral Generosity Program). Funding from all of this activity accumulates in your Giving Fund where you are able to select projects around the world and fund them when you want to.  All this activity is tracked in your donor dashboard, which is significant because this is the first platform to offer one location where you can receive and track feedback from all your charitable activity, monitor your social impact in the world over time, and see all the faces and places where you are making a difference.

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