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Supporting Fundraiser

Pure Charity has the capability for individual people to support an existing fundraiser.  This is called a supporting fundraiser. 

There are multiple benefits to creating a supporting fundraiser.  First, the funds raised in the supporting fundraiser automatically flow to the main fundraiser.  Next, the funds raised in the supporting fundraiser are tracked separately allowing for the fundraiser organizer to see the impact one individual is making. 

If you want to raise funds for a fundraiser that is already active, then follow these 2 simple steps:  

Step 1:  Create the fundraiser.  Go to the website of the fundraiser that you want to support and scroll down until you see the button that says 'Fundraise for this Cause'.  


Step 2:  Edit the fundraiser.  The information from the original fundraiser will automatically populate to the supporting fundraiser.  Make any adjustments that you would like, accept the Terms and Conditions, and select 'Start my fundraiser' at the bottom.


You did it!  Enjoy fundraising for the organization and feel free to contact us with any questions at help@purecharity.com.




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